Backstabbers: A Gallery Of People Deemed Disloyal

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chris-brown-karrueche-tran In the entertainment industry, it's hard to find people who have your back and would never betray you. Sometimes celebs let shady people in their circle and that's when isht goes left. Here are a gallery of people who have been deemed disloyal.
hotmess2011guccimane-e1325303492669 Gucci Mane Gucci was recently accused of snitching while negotiating a deal with the federal government to reduce a possible 20 year prison term.
nene and cynthia Cynthia Bailey Cynthia was accused by NeNe of aligning herself with Kenya, "the enemy," after NeNe called her hubby Peter a b***h. Cynthia clapped back on Twitter and said that she was a loyal friend to NeNe.
Chris Karrueche Karrueche Tran Karrueche refused to visit Chris Breezy in jail because she didn't want to see him in such a ishtty state. These hoes ain't loyal.
karrine steffans Karrine Steffans Besides exposing the majority of thirsty industry guys in her scandalous books, Karrine put her ex-bo thang Soulja Boy on blast on Twitter for being broke and living at Sean Kingston's house.
Simon Cowell at Mousetrap Simon Cowell Simon smashed his homie's wife and had a baby boy by her. That's fawked up.
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Go Visit Chateau de Louveciennes Today Kim Kardashian An "obsessed" Kimmy Cakes allegedly tried to chop down Yeezus while dating Reggie Bush.
neneleakes-marlohampton Marlo Hampton NeNe accused "Manlow" of being a disloyal friend after filming scenes with "Krayonce." NeNe must still feel some type of way after almost getting her azz whooped by Marlo.
katstacks Kat Stacks Kat put her ex-trick Soulja Boy on blast for using yayo only to admit that she lied. These hoes are deceitful.
vybz-kartel-ashy Vybz Kartel Bleached out reggae rapper Vybz Kartel is said to have become a police informant to reduce his life sentence for murder. He is allegedly droppin' a dime on wanted men.
evelyn-lozada-and-jennifer-williams Jennifer Williams Jen's ex-friend Evelyn Lozada accused her of being disloyal after she threw Ev's former fiance Chad Johnson under the bus during a radio interview and came at Ev sideways in one of her blogs.
kimkatie-copy-1 Katie Couric Kim shaded the fawk out of Katie on Instagram after Katie said she didn't know why the Kardashians were famous. Kim posted a pic of a baby gift Katie gave North West and exposed Katie as a "fake media friend."
jayzdamondash7.jpg Jay Z Dame felt some type of way after Jay left him high and dry after a business disagreement. fortunately, Jay and Dame have moved past their beef.
Voli Lights Vodkas Event in West Hollywood, CA NeNe On WWHL, NeNe threw her friend Cynthia underneath the bus by saying she thought Cynthia was boring and deserved to be kicked off the show.
irvgottiashanti Ashanti Ashanti discussed how Irv called her disloyal in numerous interviews over the Murder Ink break up.

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