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Slim Thugg Letoya Luckett

Here are some images from Chad “Pimp C” Butler’s funeral service that occurred yesterday morning in his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. R.I.P.

Bishop Don “Magic” Juan Pimp C FuneralBun B Pimp C FuneralChamillionaire Pimp C Funeral

More photos under the hood…

Mike Jones Pimp C funeral8 Ball MJGBun B Pimp C Funeral 2

Pimp C CasketPimp C’s MotherR.I.P. Pimp C  Car

Bun B Pimp C Funeral 3Young Pimp C fanPimp C Fans Funeral

J. Prince Rap A Lot CEO



    FIRST!sad sad sad!


    has anyone come out and said what it was that he died from? i know they said natural causes but he was only 33 so that doesn’t seem too natural to me.

  • c.c.

    it’s good to see that Slim Thug and Letoya got back together again

  • help me

    dying at 33 doesn’t seem very natural but if he died in his sleep because his heart stopped or he had a brain embolism i think they consider that a natural death.

    R.I.P. Pimp C

    help me

  • dee

    the casket pic is a bit much ya’ll should remove pimp c

  • jena 4rm tha block

    Morning Mo-Fo’s!!!!

  • sidelineshow

    Pimp C will go down as one of best in hip hop. http://WWW.SIDELINESHOW.COM

  • AntLee

    Damn, they couldnt dress up for the man’s funeral ?

    Makes it hard for hip hop to gain more respect. And actuallly black people as a whole. But I digress

    RIP Pimp

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    May Pimp C rest in peace. My condolences to his family.

  • I Am A 80's Baby

    First I want to say is RIP Pimp C

    What baffles me, is that Jay-z and Snoop won’t be at the funeral because they won’t have extra security. Jay-z supposedly has all this money so you mean you can’t beef up your own security to pay your respects to this Legend. But on the flip side had this been the opening of a new club he would have came out. Jay-z as a man gets no respect from me but as a rapper, I think he is the best out there, other than that he is a disgrace. To think about it I guess he figured alot of stans were going to be at the funeral, I guess he didn’t want to run into them. LOL

  • Are you serious?


    I’m glad you said that. Upon his death people were posting rude comments & questioning his career.

    I was touchy at how he was given the headline “Rapper known for Big Pimpin with Jay-Z & International Players Anthem with Outkast.” That is sooo not true and I hope that now he will get recognized for his skills, colorful attitude, politically correct & incorrect commentary, and individual way of doing things. All of UGK’s albums were entertaining, controversial and dealt with a lot of issues that didn’t make it into the mainstream.

    Pimp C was a true pioneer and representative of Southern Rap.

  • I Am A 80's Baby

    @ AntLee

    Damn, they couldnt dress up for the man’s funeral ?

    Makes it hard for hip hop to gain more respect. And actuallly black people as a whole. But I digress

    RIP Pimp




    Didn’t really know who he was but its sad nonetheless whenever anyone passes! RIP

  • Roosevelt

    A celebration of life. Thanks for the memories Young Pimp. “TALKIN’BOUT, HOLDUP!!!” -Tony Snow

    Good thing about musicians, artists and such… they live forever through their work. See: 2pac.

    Be Finally Free.

    side note: WTF Bishop Don Magic? Am I supposed to take you seriously with that plastic pope hat on? Be somebody (substantive). Bishop… what’s REALLY in a name… apparently nothing at all.



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