That’s It?! The Most Disappointing Freaky Flicks Of All Time

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Most Disappointing Home Videos Of All Time

Everyone is talking about adult freaky flicks these days thanks to Mimi and Nikko’s flick. However, here’s one thing to remember: not all of the tapes are great. In fact, most of them are pretty crappy. With that said, here are some of the most disappointing freaky flicks of all time.


Mimi and Nikko – Whoo boy. This is what everyone is talking about..namely how crappy and boring it was.


Eve and Stevie J – This was just a few seconds of toys…what’s up with that?


Kim K and Ray J – For all the fame this tape got, it was boring as hell too. Plus Ray J’s annoying a$$ needed some seats.

Model-turned reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson and her athlete-turned-doting daddy Hank Baskett take Hank Jr on a family vacation in Hawaii on July 5 and 6, 2013. Kendra showed off her amazing figure in a bikini while sunbathing and later, she enjoyed some paddleboarding while her husband and son took to a kayak. The former 'Splash' contestant also recently discussed her and Hank's plans for adding another child to the family. In some images, a slight protrusion in her belly could suggest the first signs of a possible baby bump.

Kendra Wilkinson – Her tape was more disturbing and weird and the guy was ugly as hell, too.


Dustin Diamond – Well, nobody had high expectations for a Screech tape, but this was just…ew. And you know why.


Chyna – By the time this video came out, she was all crack-y and manly.


Tupac – He’s just getting domed up while dapping up his homies. Things could have been so much better.

tonya harding

Tonya Harding – You always wanted to see a figure skater get her freak on? Think again.


Fred Durst – He had a freak flick that made him seem incredibly uncool.


Suelyn Medeiros – We only got a clip and it was zzzzz. All that rump and we didn’t get anything good.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Chad OchoCinco – Maybe we could have enjoyed it if they got freakier but as it was it didn’t do much.


Hulk Hogan – Maybe 25 years ago, it’d be great, but he was old and crusty.


Tia Kemp – Rozay’s baby momma put out a weird tape thanks to Fiddy Cent. Thanks but no thanks, Curtis.


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