Gimme The Loot: 13 Folks Who Have Been Victims Of Extortion

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Rick Ross fur face Celebrities and other famous-ish folks have to be careful who they let in their inner circle. Famous people are easy prey for people looking for a quick come up and when they don't guard their secrets....isht can go left. Here are 13 folks who have been victims of extortion.
ludacris Ludacris Luda's new baby mama demanded $7,500 and a car to keep quiet.
Rick Ross fur face Rick Ross The Gangsta Disciples tried to get some bread out of Ricky Rozay after he used their symbol without permission. Rick said, "no checks will be cut."
kris-jenner Kris Jenner Kris was extorted and stalked by a man who threatened to release a freaky flick of her.
alg_mark_jackson Mark Jackson A stripper threatened to expose nekkid pics of the married Warriors coach if he didn't cough up that gwap.
real-chris-brown-video-600x450 Chris Brown Breezy claimed the man who sued him for allegedly catching fade on the basketball court tried to extort him after he demanded $250K to make the incident go away.
whitney-houston-robyn-crawford-crop Whitney Houston A woman demanded $250K to keep details of Nippy's alleged lesbian relationship under wraps.
Jay-Z In Concert Jay Z A crooked producer wanted $75k for Jay Z's master recordings worth $20 million and threatened to auction the tapes off if his demands were not met.
kris humphries watch 171111 Kris Humphries Kris allegedly handed over multiple recordings of his ex Myla Sinanaj demanding money in exchange for not releasing damaging information about their relationship to the media.
111210-Robert_Griffin_III-AP111210156894_620x350 Robert Griffin III A former Baylor basketball player was going to release "derogatory information" about the Heisman Trophy winner unless he was paid.
ap_mitt_romney_ll_120823_wg Mitt Romney Someone threatened to exposed Money Mitt's "stolen" tax returns if he didn't pay a cool $ 1 million.
oprah-shocked Oprah A former employee at Oprah's production company attempted to extort $1.5 million in exchange for not exposing her secrets.
Men's Health Ranks The Hottest Women Of All Time Cameron Diaz A photographer wanted Cameron Diaz to pay $3.5 million to stop her topless photos from leaking.
michael_jackson Michael Jackson The FBI uncovered multiple extortion schemes against Michael in 1992 during a child molestation investigation.

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