A Little Positivity: The 15 Best States To Raise Black Children

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15 BEST States To Raise Black Children

Recently, we wrote about the worst states to raise Black children, but we figured we'd let you know where to move to. The people at Annie E. Casey Foundation have the answers for you. They used 12 factors, including poverty levels, crime and White/Black economic disparities to decide the worst states to raise Black children...but also the BEST places to raise our children. Let's take a look and get ready to relocate.
salem-oregon 15. Oregon
Delaware 14. Delaware
Washington 13. Washington State
reston-virginia 12. Virginia
Wildfires Threaten Nuclear Plant In New Mexico 11. New Mexico
Maine 10. Maine
States With The Highest Costs Of Living 9. New Jersey
scenic North Dakota 8. South Dakota
North Dakota 7. North Dakota
Baltimore Maryland 6. Maryland
massachusetts 5. Massachusetts
alaska 4. Alaska
utah_photo 3. Utah
New Hampshire 2. New Hampshire
Hawaii 1. Hawaii

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