The Burn! 15 Celebrities Accused Of Having STDs

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15 Celebrities With STDs

Hey, you. Yes, you. Wrap it up. You think that just a bit of fame can stop you from catching something? You're wrong. Even celebrities can catch diseases. Don't believe us? Take a look at some celebrities accused of having STDs...and some of them even admit to it!
treysongz1 Trey Songz - He admitted that he caught crabs when he was a teenager and had to shave his hair and clean it up. Yikes.
Baywatch blonde Pamela Anderson goes back in time and films a commercial wearing a red Baywatch style swimsuit. Pamela Anderson - She contracted Hepatitis C from her then-husband Tommy Lee.
styleblazer-lists-10-athletes-who-wore-fur-earvin-magic-johnson Magic Johnson - Of course there's Magic, who contracted HIV. However he's survived and prospered since.
alg-steven-tyler-jpg Steven Tyler - He had hepatitis C as well and dealt with it for years.
Paris Hilton Mug Shot Paris Hilton - Surprise, surprise! When her house was raided, authorities found Valtrex, which is for herpes.
Team Vick Foundation Charity Cocktail Party Michael Vick - He was actually sued by a woman for giving her herpes.
comedy awards 290412 Robin Williams - He was also sued for giving someone herpes as well.
VIGNETTE-500 Evel Knievel - The famous daredevil had to deal with Hepatitis C that led to serious health complications for him.
70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Jessica Alba - She was rumored to have been given herpes by...
Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Derek Jeter - Well, it seems like no player can leave the game unscathed.
David Hasselhoff Roast David Hasselhoff - He allegedly contracted herpes way back in the 80s so who knows who else caught his fire.
anne heche Anne Heche - She wrote in her biography that she was molested by her father and contracted herpes. Sad story.
Odb_welfare ODB - He admitted to MTV that he had gonorrhea. Yuck.
Janet_Jackson_004 Janet Jackson - Her chef sued her for buying herpes prescriptions in his name. Noooooo.
People's Choice Awards 2014 - Press Room Britney Spears - She was allegedly spotted buying some herpes medicine...but who knows.

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