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It looks like the problems for Bishop Weeks didn’t end with his divorce from Juanita Bynum. A former employee wants him thrown under the jail for not paying her the dough she’s owed per a previous court order:

A former employee of Global Destiny Church has asked a Gwinnett judge to put Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III in jail for contempt of court because he failed to repay a debt to her.

A petition for contempt was filed Tuesday by Suzanne Ellis. The petition says that Weeks, and his church empire Global Destiny Inc. and TWIII Ministries Inc., never reimbursed Ellis for about $90,000 worth of items she was asked to buy as an employee.

After Ellis filed a lawsuit seeking repayment and reimbursement for attorney fees in 2007, Weeks’ attorneys reached an agreement to reconcile the debt last year. But Weeks did not make the payments as set forth in the agreement, the petition says.

The petition asks that Weeks be jailed for contempt of court for a time not to exceed 20 days and be compelled to comply with the earlier agreement.

Weeks launched his ministry in Duluth with his famous wife, Juanita Bynum, an author, gospel singer and pastor. Bynum divorced Weeks after claiming that he beat her in an Atlanta hotel parking lot on Aug. 21, 2007.

A Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge will have to hear evidence to determine whether Weeks is in contempt, however a hearing date has not yet been scheduled.

What person in their right mind would front $90K worth of church sh*t? Jesus himself would say, “We’re putting this on the church’s card, right??” SMH

More pics below.

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  • Carl Winslow

    Oh No!!!


    he can go to hell

  • Nique

    tsk tsk bow tie, glasses,mood ring, the smile-even the poses-the signs are all there…

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    This nicca look like he got more sugar in his tank than Sherraine has in Kool-Aid

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    Is that a pink bow tie?

  • Nique


    Yes honey!! 2 snaps in a “z” formation!!!

  • Playlist

    Nice suit.

  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    Him and her give religion a bad name. Also $90 stacks seems like an awful lot of money to put out there, calling it a church expense. It must have been for the pastors new mercedes.

  • Big Papa's Momma

    Pink bow tie = Mary Kay Fag!!

  • W.W.O.D. (What Would Obama Do?)

    Pink bowtie and hand cuffs to match – look closely –

    You know you gots to Coooordinate.

    Wat kinda man get pick hand cuffs….?

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    @ JB_1030

    You know it aint nothing sweeter that Sherraine’s kool aid…lol

  • The Official Mrs. Carter


  • MEA

    He’s a sissay!

  • Pseudo Baby-hair

    My mama always said not to let anyone borrow no more than you can let them have….being that she did this for the church, she needs to let it go….taking this man to court is dumb…besides, if she had 90k to give like that then she should not even be looking for it….

  • ...

    @ Roe ski Love

    I know a few pastors who give religion a bad name. It is a shame that bad people try to hide behind religion.

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