Your Weekend Crotch Shot

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Ciara Crotch

Ciara performed recently in the UK with her crotch game on full blast. Damn, we thought we could go a whole week without these wide spread limbs images.

We don’t know who has the crotch game on lock, Ciara, Rihanna, Amerie, or Beyonce


  • help me

    1st – who wants to see my crotch????

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r


  • leave it be

    amy…negative..go nip out for spot of tea and a bag of crisp…

    weside!!!! ‘ello!!!

  • wow

    turns out that pic of beyonce’s crotch was a fake… the real pic of her crotch (fully clothed) is on

    funny how they failed to mention that… its been out for a while now

  • leave it be

    snickers….take a nap for that comment….

  • yes


    i dont understand the flat boots

  • Seasoned

    Sorry to say, but the “real crotch shot” of B’s that’s been re-surfacing everywhere is actually the photoshopped one.

    I’m pretty much a master at the program, and it’s photoshopping on round 2 is definitely noticeable.

    They ain’t slick. lol

    But we still love you BEY!!

  • CubaLinda

    I seriously hope thats not an 8 ball jacket shes wearing… I got a problem with that.

  • binary star

    It looks like she has a box of Kools in there.

  • wow

    so the 2nd pic out is a fake? im soooo confused :/

  • bmore


  • Afrochic

    Rihanna got that crotch shot on lock

  • La. Finest

    WTF?? @ them 1987 beat it, star trek ass boots. Who garage sell she find them at Randy Jackson (the real one)?

  • Swami

    Ciara looks like she’s wearing defective tucking panties. There’s a bulge where there should not be one.

    To the left, to the left – lyrics to the song “Irreplaceable” and directions to Ciara’s scrotum.

    I wonder how Tony Gayo feels now that he’s no longer the lady in Curtis’ life. *homoerotic pause followed by an exhale*

    Well, He-ara may get a ride to the plastic surgeon’s office in that Phantom drop that Curtis bought, seeing as how he’s the first person in the world to get his hands on one. I wonder how much a castration and penis tuck cost (not that I can have one)? Probably a lot less than a $417k drop!

    Lol @ Leave It Be. Amy’s sucking on a fag, which is why she doesn’t eat crisps or anything else for that matter.

  • Swami

    Bmore, why advertise that you have a mistletoe belt BUCKLE (hooked on spelling worked for me!) when you know your rabbi’s hand slipped during your bris? smh

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