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Jim Jones is pissin’ mad over the fact the boys in blue prevented him from entering his own album release party:

Rapper JIM JONES has blasted New York police for allegedly threatening him as he tried to gain access to his own album release party this week (begs23Mar09).

The Diplomats group member’s new disc Pray IV Reign hit stores in the U.S. on Tuesday (24Mar09) and record label executives celebrated the occasion by throwing two glitzy bashes in his honour. But he was forced to miss out on the events after cops reportedly harassed him and prevented the star from entering the clubs where the parties were being held.

In a series of error-filled posts on social networking site, angry Jones writes: “I had 2 album release parties this week and police refuse to let me in, even used tactics as far as threatning (sic).

“One of the sargeants (sic) told the club owner if he let’s me in the club tht (that) he was gonna punch the club owner in the face.”

There’s always the next (cough) album release party.

More pics below.

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