Tyra and Her Tree Swag

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Tyra Banks was a recipient of a GLAAD Media Award last night. She reportedly came in at a whopping 6’5″ and looking something like a man. “We” were not out in abundance last night for this award, but rather sprinkled through the crowd.

Pop it to see the few and far between…


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  • DONE!!!

    2nd, I still love to climb trees!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.g.com AngelicLondonChick

    Seriously no offence but who cares?



  • Fire

    STFU May. Nobody falls for that bulls*it

  • Invisible

    The people being celebrated are courageous, but there are so many of “WE” who are not recognized for our great work with humanity. Some do it and never receive accolades. i think it’s great to be recognized, but even greater when your actions speak louder than awards and misquoted speeches.

  • Junk

    Kanye Lover All Dai: Na…I think Oprah admitted it to her audience first and then her ex came out about it a few years later. I’m not 100% sure, but I do remember Chris Rock making a joke about it like 4-5 years ago and I recall her old bf talking about it last year or something.

  • Junk

    My only beef with Tyra is that she’s very judgmental when she talks down to girls for being prostitutes, “sexting”, and showing or selling their bodies. When she made a CAREER out of selling hers. Now, maybe she didn’t do it in the same way (working at the Bunny Ranch), but it’s just the other side of the same coin in my opinion.

    <img src=”http://buffalobeast.com/95/images/tyra-banks.jpg”

  • Small Fries

    Ewww! Wide leg pants! You know better than that Tyra!

  • facefacts

    Tyra needs to quit letting the trannies do her hair!!!!

  • zappy

    Her hair is off, waaaay off.


    Black people..we are so quick to down one another its really sad..so now Tyra looks like a man? WTH is wrong with some of you..Shes a model for godsake what were you expectin, a midget with no make up?smarten up dumbasses!

  • Jay

    @ Nigel

    Who you kidding? Those gays have been riding on black folks since Prop 8 and were some of the biggest racists before it.

  • Raise the Bar Folks

    Average Looking, Broke Ass, Irrelevant HATERS! Why don’t you people focus on the positive? Are you capable?

    Tyra is an Above Average Looking, Uber Rich, Accomplished Woman! Focus on that..

  • Naomi.Is.Fierce

    @ Nigel: DON’T WORRY about Jay’s comments, he probably got about 5.5 kids running around, dating about 6 women and won’t commit! He’s judged harshly as a black man himself so he has no need to throw stones at any other group period!!!!! And just think, if he got caught for selling drugs, and caught a charge, he’d be one of those pillowbiters he’s trashing!!

  • Candy

    Tyra looks rough. The suite is ill-fitting and her hair, where do I start?

    This look just isn’t doing it for Tyra. She looks bad.

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