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The DL fellas had the nerve to make some type of pseudo-horror flick, as if their double-dipping ways aren’t scary enough as is. If you dare, then

Y’all DL nuccas need to stop with all this before you get that ass busted. And we mean upside the head, not your man-cakes, with y’all triflin’ asses.


  • Da Plus- Sized Diva

    that whole dl situation is just nuts to me……society makes it hard to be yourself but that doesnt mean u have to be selfish and risk your life and that of another person man or woman

  • Re

    Is that R. Kelly and Lloyd in the picture? I knew there was something about those two…

  • j

    to me, if youre gay,youre gay, just live your life and ill live mine you aint infecting mine…its the brothers with wives and children that i hate thats doin the dl thing and giving their wives hiv… if u fuqqin dont like women just divorce her and get on, thats y i cant stand brothers on the D.L.

  • cosign


  • Re


    Exactly. Hiding it and holding a facade of happiness and “normalcy” is malicious and decietful to the person you’re with. Stop wasting people’s time.

  • Re


    Hey there! (In and out once again, lol.)

  • mindyabizness

    ridiculous!!! the concept of noahs arc doesnt just cover the dl lifestyle it covers ALL aspects of black gay male relationships….its innocence and beauty to everyday hatred and racism brought about by those that refuse to accept its reality.
    holla back!!!

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    I think it is so funny that the DLm brothers say they aren’t gay while they are sticking it to another man

  • GoldenBrownCutie

    This whole thing is disgusting!! If you are gay, just be gay!

  • bg™(007 pimpin~~~)

    This is not good!!!

  • Kitty KAT 20

    damn thats all i can say, and ewwww. I anit got nuffin against gays or nuffin but if you gay dont be tryin to f%$@ women.WE got enough problems as it is already!!!!! we dont need any under cover bortherS OK!!!

  • pm

    This is why its so important for single mothers to have a man in their sons lives…I think this is just another effect of the broken black home.

  • Mrs. Foxx

    No man… man!!!!

  • Black Beauty

    This is not only disgusting, it is also disturbing. To all of the women still looking for a good “man”, be very careful, stay protected, and don’t even think about marrying anyone without a blood test. SMDH

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    @ De’Vincent;

    Im feeling the scriptures its better to use the word of God in situations like this, because he’s the only one that can judge, and he’s the only one that can deliver. Thats whats up!

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