Queen Petty: Beyonce’s Shadiest Moments, Pt. 3

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Beyoncesmirk Everyone (on Earth) is still buzzing over Solange's shocking assault of Humpback Hov on an elevator during the recent Met Gala. Why Solange swung on Hov, only they know (for now), but Beyonce's refusal to get involved/unbothered demeanor are the most delicious parts of this saga and yet another example of her legendary shadiness. Hit the jump for even MORE of Queen Bey's shadiest moments.
Beyoncesmirk Your shea buttery sister just snapped and put her coconut oily paws on your husband and...you're smiling?
Allsmiles "Elevator assault? What elevator assault?"
Solangeheadlines Your elderly rapper husband's face is on fire. Your scrappy little sister is furious. And you're smiling it up, Bey? SHADY.
beyonce-iseeyou You sure you want that Hov & Bey kind of love?
SneakyBeyPic 100% chance Bey's security team destroyed this man's camera. Too late, though.
Queen Bey undressing Bron Bron with her eyes RIGHT NEXT to Hov?
thirstybey Seems like a pattern of thirsty behavior. Remember this?
mouf ...or this? We see you Shady Bey.
Bey tried to steal song ideas from her own husband? BeyBeStealing
Remember when Hov was madly in love with Aaliyah (before she eventually broke up the Roc)? Hovandaaliyah Was Bey being SHADY or nah? Many think so. Beyonce-Aaliyahshirt Topsy/Instagram/Splash

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