This is What Substance Abuse Looks Like

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Get a load of Solange gettin’ tore the hell up at Bar Marmont recently. Between her penchant for sizzurp and alcohol, we can’t help but to wonder if this quasi starlet may be developing a bit of a problem. For more drunken merriment, you know the drill.




  • Just plain ole Swag-

    That’s how I looked last night – mine was Moscato, Solo what’s that???

  • ...


  • E$

    Solange can’t drink, I thought she was of legal age? Why is this news?

  • Lady Architect

    She looks horrid with no makeup.

  • hope4more

    Sometimes you tend to drink too much when your young, then you learn. so it doesn’t appear to be a problem yet. When she starts missing shows or forget where she leaves her kid then that’s when it’s a problem.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    ….how the fluck is this substance abuse….

  • Kanye Lover All Dai

    Umm this isnt substance abuse but she just might be an alchy…you never know

  • Sharna

    who the hell cares??!!

  • Superbiotch

    This is what happens when you are walking in Beyonce’s shadow. This chick is need of attention in the worst way. I feel kinda bad for her because she’s corny, NOT Bey at all! Not even close!

  • lilith82

    those black and white pics are some of the better pics i’ve seen of her actually…

  • African Princess

    Is it a crime to have a drink every now and then?

  • Nique

    She’s looking rather man-ish about the jaw area.

  • Man Whateva

    the media needs to leave Solange alone if it was her overated sister no one would say a got picking thing

  • AyanaT

    She needs a nose job STAT!

  • Ernest Skinner

    These pictures were taken off my Facebook page without my consent.

    Solange in NO way was in appropriate and in NO way does she have a “problem.” She had ONE glass of wine that I bought her.

    More importantly, how do I get my personal pictures taken down off this site?

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