Money Makes You Lose Religion

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Ja Rule was featured in the December issue of S2S Magazine sharing intimate details regarding his upbringing. Before hitting the streets, he was raised in a Jehovah Witness household by his grandparents:

I had a difficult childhood. My grandparents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. So, as a young child, I had to deal with no birthdays and no Christmases. See people don’t understand that. When you’re a child, it’s worse than being made to go to church on Sunday. Like people complain, “I have to go to church. My grandmother made me go.” So it’s 10 times that. Do you understand? It’s no birthdays, it’s no Christmas, and it’s no being outside with other children that are not in your congregation. It’s alot of rules that are hard on children. So once I was old enough to go and live with my mom-which was about 11, 12-that’s when I ran wild.

Ja Rule talks about how his mother was shunned by the religion:

So they all treated my mom like this f@#king outcast because she had some drinks with her coworkers on occasion. It may have been even more severe than that, but who the f@#k cares? She may be dating a guy. Who cares what it was? It was minimal in society. So that f@#ked with me as a kid.

Ja speaks on his familiy’s relationship following his success:

Yes, she’s still shunned. but you know what’s funny? Here’s the funny thing. Once I became Ja Rule- It’s a little better now. And I’m not going to say that’s the reason why, but-

Funny how someone can be so strict but as soon as the money comes in, everyone is all smiles. Ja Rule is a good one. Just make sure you give your mother the best and tell the others to kick rocks.


  • scorpio

    i love you ja!

  • capila

    2nd yay!!


    i hate when people say “first” its so lame oops that makes me lame thne

  • Harlem Chic


    Who cares about Ja Rule’s upbringing?

  • capila


  • Tronogy

    lil mamas mother passed away!? is that true?

  • helltothanaw




    lil mamas mother passed away!? is that true?

    ^^^^Yeah.. so sad if its true.. I read that on

  • Tavia

    Funny when the chips are down in his life bet 100 he praying to Jehovah like when 50 was slaying him.uh huh he’s so arrogant the fool using gods name in vain the term praise Jah ring a bell.he’s a damn fool.

  • Reformed GammaRay

    ppl (yes PEOPLE) need to stop mak’n religion seem so restrictive to the point where you’re not allowed to enjoy life, WHOEVER you worship I don’t think intends for that.. live right, love hard, and find happiness period..

  • Reformed GammaRay

    omg, I hope she didnt lose her mom.. with christmas so close, these are sad times..I’m a stop saying DEAD for a min…things is gett’n scary…

  • Bones Jordan

    I feel bad for children in that cult. They are not cool. I love their dedication but my grandmother’s sister(my great aunt) is a witness. When my Great grandma passed in 96, she did not attend. I’ll never forget that. Fast forward 9 years, her husband passes away, and while it was me and my cousins intention(sincerely) on making his funeral, we didn’t. Part of this can be attributed to their insistence on making funerals a non emotional thing. And a lot of other crap that I won’t go into. I’m happy that Ja got out of that cult.

  • leave it be


  • Bird

    I need more info. Why wasn’t he with his moms all along?

  • Mike Aile

    @I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!! congrats are in order, if you need me to sing or beat it, just let me know, i am there for you! :)

  • Mannie1984

    JW are not a cult! I don’t understand how some ppl can make snap judgments like that. Learn about the JW faith then make an educated statement.

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