Racecar Driver Says Naomi Campbell is Too Old

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Naomi Campbell Lewis Hamilton

22 year-old Formula One racer worth $200 Million, Lewis Hamilton claims that he and Naomi Campbell are just friends, although they have been caught creepin with each other on the low on numerous occasions:

There is most certainly nothing going on between me and Naomi. She is like a big sister. And anyway, she is too old for me. I’m definitely single and still looking for Miss Right, I guess. But I am not stressed about it, I have got loads of other things on my mind. I am very flattered by all the attention I get, but it is a bit overwhelming, if I am honest.

Too bad, Naomi, take your cougar ass and find someone your own age.

Shots of them creepin together a few weeks ago:

Naomi Campbell Lewis Hamilton 4Naomi Campbell Lewis Hamilton 2Naomi Campbell Lewis Hamilton 3



  • up2nogood

    Leave the babies alone.

  • Mississippi Girl

    Dang~!!! He didnt have to say that she was too old for him! Im sure that she is somewhere ready to throw a damn Blackberry to his nuts!!!

  • Hazelnut

    Nay Nay is better suited to date old, white, French billionaires….

  • Kdogg

    Ha Ha

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I don’t believe he said that. I mean why should he? If he did then he simply has no home training and I hope Na Na clocks his ass next she sees him with something bigger than a Blackberry.

  • helltothanaw

    LOL..I know she’s somewhere with a bruised ego right about now..

  • Mary J Blige

    omg Bird get outta my head wid that Blackberry comment!lol

  • Anonymous3

    shhhh!!!…I said shhhhh!!!!….do you hear that? it’s the sure but swift sound of a cell phone humming through the air right at his head….he must don’t know Naomi…he better keep his lips shut

  • DR. FUNK

    Homie has made more money in two years than she has in an entire career.Blowing Naomi Campbell off…how cool is that?

  • A +

    If Lewis did say that then he better be careful the next time Naomi sees him- she must be screwing right about now! Can’t say I see anything between them though – I think its just a friend ting.

  • John

    Thats a lie when he say Naomi too old for him!! Naomi still got it and mature women know how to love a young man. Dude got money and he can have who he want but I wish I was in his shoes stepping next to Naomi!!

  • Soul Cry

    @WeSSide Eviscer8r

    LOL, kinda like…you’re beautiful…for a dark skinned woman.

  • Compton Cutie

    Being an older woman who has dated a younger man if I were Naomi (and given her history) I would give him a “mean a** heel whoopin”!

    Junior needs to learn what not to say to the press!

    What can you expect from a 22 year old…way to young! But then 2 plus 2 equals 4!

  • Curly Fries

    Oh DAYUM!! That was cold. Naomi, I know the ego has landed, honey!

  • Curly Fries

    LOL @ e-gangsters. Are you with the Vista Villains or the Windows Warriors?

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