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Another day, another lawsuit. An Atlanta woman, Jamie Roberts, 24, claims that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder after a random encounter with Damon Dash back in 2004. She is suing Dash for $30,000 and claims that he made her crazy after meeting him in Miami:

The bizarre suit, which Roberts, 24, wrote up herself, says she met Dash at a Miami club that March, where he inexplicably used the name “Jeremy McIntyre” and took her to a nearby marina. There he showed her “his genital area” in an “offensive manner” and tried to force her into performing oral sex, the suit claims. Nine months later, Roberts said she “began to hear defendant’s voice in her ear, giving her certain directions to follow.” The suit says she discovered McIntyre’s true identity in early 2005 “while watching a taping of the “Dave Chapelle Show.”

This sounds like pure comedy. Broads going crazy over some “D” and writing up their own lawsuits. What’s even funnier is that she discovered who he was after watching the “Roca Pads” episode of Chappelle’s Show.

Jeremy McIntyre Damon Dash made a statement on the situation:

“We know nothing about it. It’s quite obvious this is a false allegation.”


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