When Black Twitter Attacks: White Skripper Thot Mom Raked Over 140-Character Coals For Racist “N****r” Rant

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Janelle Ambrosia

You know you done fawked up right?

Twitter Reacts To White Stripper Mom’s Racist N-Word Rant

Earlier today we posted a video of a woman going on a racist “n****r” laden tirade with all the fixins. This wasn’t the type of racist rhetoric Donald Sterling kicked as he tip-toed around dropping an N-bomb. This cousin-lovin’ skripper broad named Janelle Ambrosia let it fly like she was a Free World battle rapper in “8 Mile”.

Being the crafty and resourceful sleuths that they are, it didn’t take long for Black Twitter to form Black Voltron and proceed to terminate Janelle’s mentions with EXTREME prejudice.

Flip the page to see some of her classic racist defense tweets as well a GANG of hilarious reactions.

Image via Twitter

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