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Here is recent picture of Ice-T and his wife, Coco, ho-ing it up on stage somewhere.

Fill in The Blank: Ice-T married a trailer park ho because________________.


  • mo'ree

    b/c no self respecting woman would do that ish right thur SMH


    bytch what you doing??

    what you asked papi?

    dont make me cut u

  • mo'ree

    can i add yuck and FIRST!!! *waits for prize money*

  • Soul Cry

    …these two are some serious freaks….

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    WTF??? I know he is an old pimp but this shyt is ri-damn-diculous!!!

  • Mr O Dot

    CoCo on that coke

    that’z how Ice-Tizzle keeps her in line

  • Zero Soul

    Because she thought he said he was the “HOriginal gangsta.”

  • Oreo Cookie Willie

    God i love white women. Ice-T’s livin’ the dream.

  • Mr O Dot


  • justme

    eewwwwwwwww no class or self respect, that shyt is just gross!

  • Me

    because shes hot!!!?????

  • And Another One...

    His wig pushing back. Where were they on stage? At a sex party? There is no shame in CoHO’s HO game.

  • bree

    lmfao..nasty put some clothes on i told ya, dont walk out ya house w/o clothes nasty girl..

  • Ms. Lovely

    I feel so much better about myself. The next time I feel like calling off of work, I’ll think of that picture and thank the Lord I have enough self respect to get up, get out and get something.

    Not hating or judging but there are better ways to make a buck.

    Ms. Lovely

  • justmoi

    ….to try and prove how much of a pimp he really is, who else is a pimp gonna settle with but a ho’!

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