Oh, Okay: Whoopi Goldberg Defend’s Justin Bieber’s N-Word Antics…Because It’s Not A Slur In Canada

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They speak English though…

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Justin Bieber’s N-Word Usage

Even Whoopi Goldberg is throwing on her cape for the little n-word enthusiast. The latest in a string of Black people to let us all know that it’s totally fine for Justin Bieber to call Black people anything he feels like, she says he probably just had no idea what he was saying…being Canadian and all. Via Dlisted:

Whoopi Goldberg explained on The View Monday that we shouldn’t get mad at the stinky training pants skid-mark Justin Bieber for gleefully belting out “One Less Lonely N*gger” because the American n-word isn’t the same as the Canadian n-word:

“You know, Canadian words — I’m going to say the word so get ready to beat me. Nigger doesn’t mean anything in Canada. And how do I know this? Well, I did a movie last year, in Canada, and a young, wonderful Canadian woman wrote it, and I’m reading it and I’m thinking, ‘We wouldn’t say anything like this.’ So I went to the director and I said, what is this? And he said, oh, she lives here. And I said so she doesn’t know anything, she doesn’t get what we’re talking about.”

“What I’m saying is that, when you are 15 and you’re someplace where that’s not a word that you have associated with people of color…they weren’t calling them that.”

But by the time the video was shot, Bieber had already been in the USA and guided in the industry by Black men for a couple of years…

It’s one thing to not necessarily believe that Bieber is a racist, but why is everyone trying to make it seem like his words were okay?People in countries across the ocean know that the N-word is wrong to say…does she really think out next door neighbors are completely oblivious to what’s offensive and what isn’t?

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