Food Too Bomb: A Gallery Of Celebrities Who Got Chunky

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Rob-Kardashian-chunkycelebs It's rough out here for celebs in our weight-obsessed society where every little bit of weight gain and pudge is hyped by the mainstream media/overanalyzed by the internet. Hit the jump for a (shocking) gallery of celebs who morphed into chubby lumpkins(es).
Chris-Brown-chunkycelebs Chris Brown
Rob-Kardashian-chunkycelebs Rob Kardashian
Kevin-Federline-chunkycelebs Kevin Federline
Janet-chunkycelebs Janet Jackson
mariah-chunkycelebs Mariah Carey
Mike-Tyson-chunkycelebs Mike Tyson
Christina-Aguilera-chunkycelebs Christina Aguilera
kelly-clarkson-chunkycelebs Kelly Clarkson
Fantasia-chunkycelebs Fantasia
Britney-spears-chunkycelebs Britney Spears
Busta-chunkycelebs Busta Rhymes
Jessica-Simpson-chunkycelebs Jessica Simpson
Lady-gaga-chunkycelebs Lady Gaga
Kirstie-Alley-chunkycelebs Kirstie Alley
Steven-Seagal-chunkycelebs Stephen Seagal Topsy/Instagram

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