Accidental Racism? Pop Stars Accused Of Cultural Insensitivity

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Gallery Of Celebrity Culture Vultures And Accidental Racists

We're not sure when Pop music swerved into this deeply-ignorant place where shock value, offensive gimmicks and blatant culture vulturism (Hey Iggy) are more important than the actual music but that's the reality in a very scandal-driven music industry. Hit the jump for a shocking collection of misguided Pop stars accused of cultural insensitivity.
Katy-Perry-accidentalracism Katy Perry Sassy mummy divas with obnoxiously massive booties and thick red lips? Hmm, that couldn't possibly be offensive to a very specific group of people. SMH.
Miley-cyrus-accidentalracism Miley Cyrus Queen culture vulture Miley Cyrus doesn't seem to understand why using Blacks as props is 100% wrong and continues to struggle twerk beside them in her wildly-trashy shows.
Katy-Perry-DarkHorse-accidentalracism Katy Perry At this point, it's clear that the Grammy-nominated starlet loves negative attention and played Ancient Egyptian dress-up in the "Dark Horse" video where she burned a sacred Muslim symbol. Classy.
iggy-Azalea-accidentalracism Iggy Azalea An Australian woman who raps like she's from the mean streets of Atlanta (or Memphis) dressed in a traditional Indian garb? Of course she was, and was SLAMMED for it.
Pharell-Indian-headdress Pharrell What part of "NEVER wear a traditional Native American headdress if you're NOT Native American" don't celebs understand? It's not a cool little prop to play with.
Lady-Gaga-accidentalracism Lady Gaga You would think a globally-known Pop star would know better than to try to make "Burqa swag" happen but nope, she didn't, and was promptly slammed by the Muslim community.
Andre3000-accidentalracism Andre 3000 3 Stacks' controversial "Hey Ya" performance at the Grammys is the most iconic of his career mainly because it offended the entire Native American community.
Katy-PerryAMAs-accidentalracism Katy Perry (AGAIN) And here we are, again, with yet another head-scratching example of Katy's incredible ignorance. So incredible, that she'd mix Chinese and Japanese cultures (Same thing, right? NO) for a nationally-televised AMA performance.
Lily-Allen-Hardouthere-accidentalracism Lily Allen Remember when the British bad girl used big booty Black women as accessories in her "satirical" comeback video? Yea, terrible idea.
Selena-gomez-accidentalracism Selena Gomez Bless Selena's heart, she tried (and failed) with this "energetic" MTV Movie Awards performance that sparked outrage from the Indian community.
Lana-Del-Rey-Ride-accidentalracism Lana Del Rey Class, what have we learned about wearing traditional Native American headdress if you're not Native America? DON'T DO IT (or face the consequences).
Madonna-accidentalracism Madonna It's no shocker than the God Mother of culture appropriation would steal from Japanese culture for shameless promo.
NoDoubt-Lookinghot-accidentalracism No Doubt Blink and you missed the once popular group's offensive "Looking Hot" video that was pulled from YouTube due to outrage from the Native American community.
Sky-Ferreira-I-Blame-Myself-Video-AccidentalRacism Sky Ferreira A collection of "boys in the hood" as accessories in an "urban" music video? Yea, NO.
avril-lavigne-accidentalracism Avril Lavigne Asian women used as life-sized Harajuku dolls by a Canadian Pop rocker in a video ("Hello Kitty")? Ehh, Probably not a good idea.

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