Sad Queen: Beyonce’s Most Dragged And Traumatizing Moments Of Her Career

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The Worst Moments Of Beyonce's Career

Beyonce has had a seemingly flawless life. Everything she touches turns into gold. But her career isn't perfect. She's had some pitfalls. With that said, let's look at some of her most traumatic moments.
wenn5508 DRAGGED - Breaking Up Destiny's Child - She still has yet to live down the fact she broke up one of our favorite groups of all time.
Dreamgirls - UK Film Premiere TRAUMATIC - Matthew Knowles Dirty Dogs - Beyonce's dad stepped out on their mother and had a kid on the side. She had to fire him as manager out of all of it.
Exclusive... Beyonce's Dad's Former Mistress Alexsandra Wright Is Struggling! NO INTERNET USE WITHOUT PRIOR AGREEMENT DRAGGED - Deadbeat Sister - She got dragged for not ever doing anything for her illegitimate brother that her dad brought along.
Jay z and Beyonce seen leaving the after party for Met Ball TRAUMATIC - The Elevator Fight - This really sent her damn life upside down.
Exclusive - Beyonce, Jay-z, & Solange Knowles Out On Famiy Lunch After Infamous Elevator Brawl DRAGGED - Blue Ivy's Hair - Beyonce gets all the slander for the way Blue Ivy's hair looks...which is always quite interesting.
Beyonce-Super-Bowl-2013-Destinys-Child-Crazy-In-Love-Single-Ladies-Kelly-Rowland-Michelle-Williams-600x450 DRAGGED - Super Bowl Faces - When Beyonce's PR team wanted the Internet to take down pics of her crazy Super Bowl face, the jokes only poured in more.
Beyonce hipster instagram DRAGGED - #PoorBeyonce - Twitter went ham sandwich one random day over #PoorBeyonce for her randomly...and it was hilarious.
BeyonceShade DRAGGED - Kelly Rowland Shade - When Beyonce shaded Kelly Rowland, Twitter was made aware of her ability to be shady and it didn't go well.
Beyonce Life & Style TRAUMATIC - Cheating Rumors - Jay Z as a cheater has been unthought of until now...
beyonce DRAGGED - Beyonce Actress - She's not good at it at all.
beyonce-pregnant1 DRAGGED - Fake Baby - Everyone said Beyonce had a fake baby...and they still do.
gwyneth-beyonce2 DRAGGED - Shuttle Tragedy - She used soundbites from a space shuttle explosion in her music and people were OUTRAGED.

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