New Music: “Chris Brown Should Get His A*s Kicked”

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A new song is taking over the air waves. The song goes at Breezy directly and has been picking up steam since released. The track is by a group called, Smoke Jumpers, and the track is named, My Flow So Tight:

“My Flow So Tight” — a Smoke Jumpers song that criticizes Chris Brown because of the alleged altercation between him and Rihanna — is gaining radio airplay in cities across the country. One line in the song says, “Chris Brown should get his a– kicked.” Radio stations in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have begun to play the song, The Associated Press reports. According to the Smoke Jumpers’ Web site, “A portion of the proceeds [from the song] will benefit various organizations for battered women.” No further details were available about which charity the funds would be going to….

“I was really upset with the way a lot of celebrities and people were handling the situation. Not enough people were speaking out against Chris Brown,” one of the group’s members, C.W. Griz, told the AP about the R&B singer, who is scheduled to be arraigned Monday. “What he [allegedly] did was a thousand percent wrong. We’re not trying to take advantage of a horrible situation. We want to take a positive stance.” At press time, MTV News had not received comment from Brown’s rep about the song.

Peep the new song. They are coming for your head Chrissy.

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Kind of catchy.



  • Hannibal


  • Hannibal


  • z

    nice, finally blk men supporting a blk woman.

  • EthnicSalons

    My fear about this whole situation is that people will get desensitized to domestic violence, and in an effort to defend Chris, people will inadvertantly begin to believe that hitting a woman like that “isn’t that big of a deal.” Some people are already saying it. As bad as I feel for both Chris and Rihanna, Chris has to pay a price for beating that girl like that. I’m glad to hear some males coming out strong, and saying that what Chris did was WRONG without apologizing for speaking out against his actions.

  • Leelee

    Yawn…boring techno song…and I never heard that crap before (DC). The song is wack couldn’t even listen to the first 5 secs. Just another bum trying to gain some lime light on Browns bad press.

  • Kanye Lover All Dai

    I guess its alright but umm im not really into techno….its boring….no disrespect to DC

  • F@%k a Screen name

    this song is wack and its promoting violence tooo

    these ppl just want to get noticed, tacky marketing is what i call it

  • Sho-Nuff the Shogun of Harlem (The Meanest, Prettiest, Baddest Mofolo Down Around This Town)

    Chris Brown can kiss my converse right after I kick his ass

  • statim08

    It’s Chris bashing time again. It didn’t take too long to get another opportunity. Yeah, I hope the song gets more airplay. It’s true nobody in the industry has come out to support Chris. He’s the Plague.

  • cb is innocent

    @the truth will come out. kill the media
    Did u like save this essay and paste it whenever someone bashes chris. Wow!!!
    Anyways I’m with u and on monday chris is gonna plead not guilty (says radar online) so i hope gets off and clears his name.

  • Symone

    @the truth will come out. kill the media

    You sound crazy as hell!! Did you actually post that damn book??

    Who the hell are you supposed to be Horatio Cane with that CSI detective work you have supposedly done….SMH

    Get over it, you sound a CB stalker!!

  • Symone

    *sound like a CB stalker*

  • z

    yeah attempted murder is just a ‘mistake’

  • bronzedasian

    the flow is NOT tight, but at least it benefits a good cause.

  • z

    @” i got a song”

    you sound like an idiot.Read a book/newspaper.

    newsflash: chris bron don’t want u.

    newsflash2: The thugs u let beat on you are bad news baby.

    get some help.

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