President Obama Awakened By North Korea Missile Launch

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Yesterday our President was in Prague with his elegant wife and First Lady, Michelle Obama. While sleeping last night, Mr. President received a call telling him that North Korea launched a missile:

Visiting Prague, Czech Republic, U.S. President Barack Obama was awakened at 4:30 a.m. Sunday with the news that North Korea had launched a rocket, as it had threatened to do over the past several weeks….…During his presidential campaign, Obama and former rival Hillary Clinton debated over who would be better qualified to take a hypothetical early-morning call of an international crisis. But in Prague, where both Obama and Clinton — now Secretary of State — are participating in the European Union summit, they acted in concert.

We guarantee that no one would have been able to wake up McCain’s 127 year old @ss. President Obama welcomes the chance to prove his leadership any day.

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