Jesus Take The Wheel, Part 2 of DMX Edition

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The NY Daily News is reporting DMX collapsed at a Sony recording studios yesterday.

Rumors are that rocks were behind X being rushed to the hospital. By the look of this video we posted last week, rocks and the mic don’t mix.



  • MsButtaflyy


  • Heather

    2nd! Vide is funny as hell

  • Nicole

    SO SAD :'(

  • Southern Belle 225

    Damn shame! I’m not surprised though. This guy has been on the rock scene for years now. I hope he can get it together.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @strong black man

    is that you in your gravatar?

  • Bones Jordan

    Damn I thought I was gone be 2nd. Sucks for me. Real talk I hope that X comes back blazin(no pun intended), not in no graveyard.

  • Jay


  • Bones Jordan

    @ Mary J. Is that you in your gravie? I liked your interview earlier…………..HA! LOL. No really is that you?

  • Strong Black Man

    @southern belle..yeh that is me in my gravi….

  • Southern Belle 225

    @strong black man

    you look very familiar. Are you from Louisiana or Georgia by any chance?

  • Strong Black Man

    haha I’ve been to some “adult bars” in Atlanta, but I’m from Virginia..

  • Southern Belle 225

    oh, okay then.

  • Miss Hattie
  • celebrity psychic

    Get at me dawg!

    A new spin on celebrity gossip:

  • Southern Belle 225

    @ bones

    my mom used to always tell me that she thought X would be a preacher oneday! HMMMM. Maybe when he gets his act together.

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