Just Pics: 20 Celebrities Who Ditched Twitter For Instagram

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20 Celebrities Who Ditched Twitter For Instagram

Being on Instagram or Twitter can be tricky for celebrities. Sure they can show what they're doing and thinking but they can also get them in trouble. Maybe that's why some celebrities are picky about where they want to engage on social media, including ditching Twitter for Instagram - where they can just post pics and go about their days. These celebrities have done just that as they're mostly on Instagram and rarely tweet anything these days. Take a look at some celebs who seemed to ditch Twitter for The 'Gram.
Beyonce posts photos of herself and Solange on Instagram 4 Beyonce - She doesn't even tweet, but you can see her and Blue Ivy every week on IG.
50-cent-chelsea-handler-kiss 50 Cent - His Instagram videos are becoming more legendary than his music.
mayweather-50cent-110412 Floyd Mayweather - He's another one who only stunts for IG.
Lady Gaga and T.I. T.I. - Looking for him to call someone a thot-mouthed something or another? That only happens on Instagram.
kim kardashian ice cream Kim Kardashian - Her Twitter feed is basically RTs of fans who love her. But her Instagram page? A treasure trove of curves.
Nicki-MInaj-LessIsMore Nicki Minaj - Her Instagram is glorious these days, by the way.
BieberBrown Justin Bieber - The less he talks the better, so he sticks to his IG page for the most part.
Chris Brown Shirtless Chris Brown - Twitter was causing him too much trouble, so he stuck to his pics of him and Karrueche.
Diddy-and-Cassie1 Diddy - His tweets are basically things he's shared on Instagram.
Milian 8 Christina Milian - She seems to live on the beach...and post those pics on Instagram for our enjoyment.
Shantel Jackson Shantel Jackson - She's all about Instagram, making her relationship announcements and everything on there.
Gisele-Bundchen-09 Gisele Bundchen - Her IG account is the look into the life of the world's biggest super model.
Michelle Obama - She hasn't tweeted since 2013 but her IG page is still popping with goodies.
Jennifer Lopez J. Lo - Her Twitter account is basically just RTs, too. But her IG page is where the goods are stored.
mariah carey and courtney love Mariah Carey - Want to actually see what she's doing with her life? Better check that IG.
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are moving and grooving at Supper Club **NO Australia, New Zealand** Khloe Kardashian - Her IG page is where it's at while her Twitter page is bland RTs.
miley_cyrus_sleeping_selfie Miley Cyrus - She deleted her Twitter at one point, but she's back and it's mostly just her sharing IG pics.
ciara-black-leather-jumpsuit-dress-christian-louboutins-black-pointed-pumps1 (1) Ciara - Her Twitter feed is all IG pics, too.
The Dream - No tweets since May but he's still posting on IG.
Gilbert Arenas and Child Gilbert Arenas - He hasn't tweeted since 2012 but he's still sending out thirsty comments on IG.

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