Sorry: There’s No Mrs. Carter

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Jay and Beyonce didn’t jump the broom yet. A Camel rep denied that he and Bey secretly wed earlier this month in Paris. Apparently certain websites (MediaFakeOut) reported that the tats on the couple’s fingers were proof of a secret wedding.

Of course they are going to deny it. When it really does go down, they will still be denying it then. We doubt that they would make it that obvious.



  • KillaBeeSwarm


  • Bones Jordan


  • KillaBeeSwarm

    I like the jackets on Jay & B. Is hers velvet?


    top 5 ?

  • Strong Black Man

    lol by the end of the day there will be close to 500 post on these two…lets talk about contraceptives or

  • Bird

    Not that we can trust what these people tell us, but I just don’t think B will allow herself to be cheated out of a lavish wedding.

  • DC Gal

    Who really gives a F_ _ _ _. Aren’t we all tired of hearing about them? Heck move on to some real gossip…..Please.


    B. looking good in ‘dem jeans.

  • txshawty

    When I get married, I’m LITERALLY jumping the broom, so y’all won’t be lying when y’all say I did. lol


    I’d let B sit on my face!!

  • eeejay

    @ Snickers. Y’all think Jay be hittin that? B seem like Eva Longoria and all that ish she believes in.

  • BxBombshell

    If I remember correctly yall posted the same b-s MediaTakeOut posted about the tattoos, so who are you guys to judge? YOu fell for the lie too!!

  • Strong Black Man

    @balls deep…sit on your face??? lol you wrong man…unless she let me put it in her booty hole, i aint lettin no woman sit on my face..we can 69 it if she want, but sittin on the face and enjoyin herself is too much

  • Momo

    They would look awesome in that pic if it wasn’t for the damn wave cap. WHY??

  • Kool Moe Dee

    They probably aren’t married yet because Jay’s lawyers are only on page 213 of the pre-nup.

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