Your Weekend Beyonce Crack

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Even on the run-up to Christmas, we have some weekend Beyonce crack for the stans. Here is your classy role model in the Christmas House of Dereon ads.

Although we respect Tina Knowles’ pimp game, we have a feeling these get-ups will be at the Slauson Swapmeet, on the corner of 125th and Lenox, or at your local Ross pretty quick.

Maybe this sh*t will blow up, her stans are pretty crazy and loyal.



  • Aretha's Back

    why is her neck all twisted up like that!lol

  • John

    A big thankyou for this picture!! She is hot

  • Luv Hova


  • Denise

    They have enough money to hire an actual model……

  • StyleRazzi

    IT looks like they photoshopped her head onto another model’s body. IT just looks real odd PLUS the ish isn’t fly!!!!! Try again, beyonce

  • dayg715

    VERY photoshopped. rihanna would have pulled it off better. woulda looked more natural.

  • Daniecal

    Umm aren’t these adds pretty old? Why was this even posted ?

  • anonymous

    looks like back-in-the-day janet. try something new that hasn’t been done already, beyonce. no wonder rihanna done basically erased you!

  • Daniecal

    Oh Lord here goes the Rheeanna folk! -that girls head is so unproportioned she always looks photoshoped!

  • Daniecal

    And if Rheeaba erased B y do they still have this “Weekend Beyonce Crack” business?

  • Erin

    Why her body look all artificial?? Not a good look…

  • A True Gem

    Didn’t we just give her props for looking so “royal and classy” She is back to showing that ass again. ISSMH. Between them Knowles and Jay-z pimping her out I am surprise B hasn’t had a nervous breakdown.

  • shesofine

    Good lookin out Snickers!

  • shesofine

    Although I loves me some Bey I can’t say I’m feeling this line

  • Strong Black Man

    Man no way this broad is 26 years old…she looks early 30’s at least…and can they stop the airbrushin!

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