Elsewhere In The World: Chinese Woman In An “Internet Addict” Rehab Beaten To Death For Using The Bathroom Without Permission

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Internet addict beaten to death

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“Internet Addict” Beaten To Death For Using Bathroom Without Permission

Via NYDailyNews

A Chinese Internet addict was beaten to death at a Web rehab center for using the bathroom without permission, according to a new report.

Guo Lingling, 19, was reportedly kicked and punched in the head for two hours by instructors as part of a disciplinary “training session” to atone for her “crime.”

She later died from brain damage and severe skull injuries.

Shanghaiist reports that the teen had been sent to the ex-military-run boot camp in Henan province to combat her addiction of going online.

When her mom came to collect her remains, the website reports that other patients gave her contact details of their families and asked for help in getting out.

Quartz reports that there are between 65 to 300 internet-addiction camps in China.

They started being set up after the nation classified the condition as a mental disorder in 2008.

Punched in the head for 2 hours??? We know that Chinese folks can be strict but cotdamn…SMFH.

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