Do You ‘Like’ Discrimination? Facebook Criticized For Employing Almost No Black People, Very Few Women

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For all you Facebook junkies out there…

Facebook Employs Almost No Black People, Women

Mark Zuckerburg is under fire after Facebook revealed via their own data they employ almost no women and very, verrrry few black people.


ShowBiz411 reports:

Facebook– my enemy, as I do not understand the oversharing– is an almost all white company, full of men. According their own data, they employ almost no blacks and very few women.

Sixty nine percent of the Facebook workforce is men, only 31% is women. Black people account for either 1% or 2% of the Facebook employees, if at all.

In other words, everyone at Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg or someone else from “The Social Network.”

There are a few Asians mixed in, but not too many.

Are we surprised? Not really. Are we saddened? Yes.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.43.33 AM

Come on Mark…do better!

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