Ne-Yo: Go On Girl

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Here is Ne-Yo’s new video for Go on Girl. The song is much better than the video.


  • playlist

    i thought video was cool and the lyrics were definitely on point

  • mac

    i like the song…but the video is tacky

  • mac

    i like the song…but the video is so tacky

  • GI JOE

    @BossLady I though NEYO was gay!!!!

    LOve the song but the video is awful

  • matthew

    ya all cant see pure talent. haters

  • Ms 305

    Love the song… hate the video

  • cotyroo

    One of his best songs, lyrically.

  • Jane Doe

    Alright, this one wasn’t a tough one to follow. The video was garbage the song is self explanitory. Get a girl scenes with him kicking her out, scenes with her with other dudes (driving around) … I mean really just one main girl not 6 … We need this video to be done over. This song is tooo HOT for that crap they released

  • NubianGoddez

    I like the song, but the video was whack as hell cosign with strong black man @damn these dudes is running out of ideas.

    and Neyo keep twirling around howyoudoing??

  • kai

    Nice song..Too much spinning gets me dizzy..

  • BossLady

    Pure talent. Ne-yo is a true songwriter. Honestly, I can listen to a song a tell that Ne-yo wrote the lyrics. It seems as if most of his songs start out as writings. I think they are very real and touch on a lot of issues that we may all feel. (Mirror, Don’t Get Down Like That, Can’t Help But Wait)

    But has anyone noticed how Ne-Yo will put it on blast quick if he wrote a song for an artist? In almost every interview, he makes a reference to another artist that ‘he is in the studio with’. I ain’t mad. Ne-yo will blow life into your career. (What up Trey Songz!)

  • Liz

    This is one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen which is sad considering that this is one of my favorite songs on his album. Hype Williams tends to be overrated as a director and this goes down as one of the most uncreative videos ever. Black and white video with girls in bikinis whipping their hair? Stop playing.

  • Trini 2 De Bone!!!

    Love the song but hate the video. When are these artist going to put out a video that makes sense and doesn’t take place in a studio with people posing all the time? Damn……!

  • Msbioed

    This album was on point for real but these last 2 videos— i mean the concept is terrible Ne-yo. Like I could have helped develop something way better…next time hold a “fan to direct the video shoot” or something lol. Those last 2 songs were to good to have these last minute idea videos for real.

  • OBAMA 08

    He is CORNY. He is GAY. His song is another version of irreplaceable, same music n all. BOOOOO for neyo, Video is TRASH.

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