Phuck Yo Patriotism: Rihanna Continues To Cheer For Soccer Teams Playing Against America In The World Cup



RihRih ain’t got no love for ‘Merica?!

Rihanna Cheers For Soccer Teams Playing Against America In World Cup

Via Bleacher Report:

Cheering against the U.S.—so hot right now.

Ever the trendsetter, recording artist Rihanna continues her dogged allegiance to any team playing against the U.S. men’s national soccer team in the World Cup.

Like a high schooler donning a Che Guevara shirt, the Barbadian singer has once again strapped on her “anybody but America” boots in honor of Thursday’s group play match between the U.S. and Germany. Hey, it’s her prerogative, right? Rihanna isn’t from the U.S.; she can root for whoever she likes.

With that being said, as I mentioned earlier, there seems to be a common theme with her tweets during U.S. World Cup games.



A fan quickly slandered Rihanna for going against the home team…


Hit the flip to peep more of Rihanna rooting for everyone but America next…

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