And the Last King Magazine Cover Goes To…

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Keyshia Cole

We love Keyshia Cole and King Magazine alike, but is this how they want to be remembered? On their last issue, one would be inclined to think we’d be blessed with more of the fantastic images that turn flaccid situations erect with a simple glance. All’s well that ends bad, we suppose.

Who is diggin’ this last issue?


  • ashlie

    she looks pretty.

  • pepper

    womp womp womp

  • glok9isvery 'how you doin?'

    Nice! KC has come a long way.

  • Tony Redds


  • lady A

    no comment

  • Living Good

    Yeah KC has definetly come a longgggggggggg way.

  • Octavia

    I’m feeling it. Might as well end with a talented looker.

  • Just Because

    epitome of a hood chick. Just looks like a chicken head no matter what!

  • Tony Redds



    her sister looks way better than her.

  • reese615

    …sorry guys…forgot to mention that God-awful piece she’s got stapled to her head. Uh, uh, boo. Why??

  • Nina Knows

    Keisha looks pretty, but the picture is quite boring to me.

  • Colonel Kunta-Stinkmeaner-Kente

    WTF!!!! Waste of the last cover!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Bossip lover

    did yall hear that kanye and amber sose broke up?

  • me (the original) RichardBibbs GTFO and no one gives a damn about millionaires club/chat/!!!

    Na na na na, na na na na…hey hey hey…GOOD-BYE

    See ya, King Mag..hahahaha

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