The 07′ When The Checks Stop Coming In Award

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As you know, when a former star starts selling cars and video games on Ebay ,the checks just not coming in like they used to. Our winner for this year’s ‘When The Checks Stop Coming in’ award is Gary Coleman. Mr. Coleman was making it rain on them hoes this year.

From ashy hands, Ebay auctions, and showing up to sign autographs for the kids for a little money, he was our clear winner. We think he should start doing some modeling for Bank of America savings accounts. Poor thang.

Runner-Up: FL2 winner ‘Deelishes’ who posed getting her knees dirty for some website.


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  • Strong Black Man

    lol yeh this never gets old…i might file a civil suit against for his hands being this ashy….it would be on the basis of me being extremely paranoid of forgetting to put on lotion before i leave the house.

  • leave it be

    his arms and hands still make me laugh

  • Merry X-mas (N-Qui-Sa-Tive)

    Sigh. lol i’m still mad it was a game cube! Sigh.

  • X

    It shouldn’t be so easy to laugh at someone who is down on their luck. Life is full of surprises and I hope none of you will ever have to scrap together an honest living, while others stand on the sidelines laughing at your struggle. You are all pathetic.

  • DM

    Diddy should be most suspect. Anytime a man is 100 years old and never married, just playing around, he is on the DL.

  • California Pixie

    Poor Gary.

    Deelishis – I’m so disappointed. Even though the show Flavor of Love is a joke it was crazy funny and I was somewhat pleased with the way she conducted herself and refused to act like a damn fool like all the other contestants. What happened to her claims of being a proper lady, setting a good example for her daughter and remaining classy versus trashy. All I see these days is her big old booty popping off my screen.

  • TriciaBoo

    I agree with California Pixe I was really rooting 4 her i thought she was a real woman but obviously fame changed her or something.

  • John


  • Bronx Brawler

    Karma is real

  • Rick Da Ruler

    Dayum Arnold Jackson…ITZ LIKE THAT??!!…HE DONE FELL ALL THE WAY OFF…Cant even afford a lil A&D ointment or some Vaseline apparently…Better go on back to live w/Mr. Drummond til you can get your ish back up shorty…

  • Enuff nonsense

    Funny how we celebrate people’s downfall. No, it isn’t. Happy holidays all.

  • piercdbruh

    OK He’s selling his Gamecube, from a messy apartment, with his passport on the table, after he was playing in flour? Did I get this picture right? SMH

  • dayg715

    i kinda feel sorry for gary. after all, his parents did this to him when they stole all his money.

  • Dalia

    This should be titled “When Your Rotten Ass Family Betrays You”.

    Gary didn’t do anything wrong except expect his mother and father to protect him. And they didn’t do it.

    Gary shouldn’t be ridiculed.

  • Dick Chestnut

    I’d rather have Webster sign my Turbo Grafix 16.

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