Making It Rain On Them Hoes of the Year

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Halle Berry Pregnant Swag

Say what you want about her crazy ass, but Halle Berry was definitely making it rain on these hoes this year. From “curing” diabetes to acquiring one of the best pregnant racks in the game right now. Her 41 year-old knocked-up pregnant swag is making it rain on these measley little hoes.

Here are some shots of Halle out in Hollyweird this week:

Halle Berry Pregnant Swag 2Halle Berry Pregnant Swag 5Halle Berry Pregnant Swag 3Halle Berry Pregnant Swag 4


  • I Stay SMH loves BDNs

    LMAO @ crazy ass!

    yeah she’s hot!

  • me that's who

    hellooooooooo smh…..

    what is BDN’s

  • me that's who

    ..yup halle’s hot….

  • FineAsWine


  • Dee

    In the black dress Halle has a hole in it. not a good look.!

  • me that's who

    lmao faw, that damn gravatar made me yelp…….merry x-mas to you too

  • FineAsWine


  • b

    curing diabetes?

    When did this occur?

  • Just Me

    I am loving those tities on her right now.

  • me that's who

    how the hell do you cure diabetes anyway?????

  • Bones Jordan

    @ just me, I didn’t even want to blog today but GOT D-ZAM, if that ain’t a rack for the ages…………..yesssir!!

  • Bones Jordan

    @ me that’s who, you get knocked up. That is so not funny. SMH @ myself.

  • Strong Black Man


    @MTW…what up

    everyone else..what up?

  • Dolla Bill

    Diabetes is for life isn’t it? You can’t cure it!! Somebody please explain this to me? Because I really don’t understand. Halle is pregnant as hell and she’s still killing women half her age…Dayum!! Gotta give her props regardless of her crazy ass…LOL

  • Bones Jordan

    @ SBM, what up my dude? How was your Christmas?

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