It’s Just Twitter? A Gallery Of Dummies Who Were Fired Over Tweets

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15 Dummies Who Were Fired Over Tweets

Twitter is a hilarious playground without rules or order where you can connect with amazing strangers, promote your brand and tweet yourself into unemployment if you go too far. Hit the jump for a head-scratching gallery of dummies who were fired over tweets.
justine-sacco-main It only took ONE incredibly-racist tweet for the privileged P.R. exec to lose everything. But she recently bounced back.
BostonMarathontweet boston-marathon-runner-costume-tweet
TeyanaTaylor-Adidas The strong-faced starlet lost her Adidas gig after joking about Rihanna's domestic abuse saga during their infamous Twitter war.
Carly-McKinney Before this tweet, Carly McKinney was a 10th grade teacher at Overland High School in Colorado. And the rest is history.
HomeDepottweet Home Depot fired the Grade A dummy responsible for this too-offensive-to-be-real tweet.
PeytonManning One minute, you're glowing over a $200 tip from future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. The next, you're unemployed for breaching customer privacy. Life isn't fair.
dansileotweet-1 Probably not a good idea to put a bounty on a college football player’s head, in public, on Twitter, but Dan Sileo did and was fired.
JonBarrett Waiter Jon-Barrett Ingels puts non-tipping HBO star on blast. Guess what happened next.
Ciscojob Connor Riley lost her Cisco job before it even started. Life comes at you fast.
mike-bacsik The ex-MLB pitcher-turned-sports broadcaster was promptly fired from The "Ticket" radio show on KTCK-AM in Texas.
Gilbert-Gottfried The painfully-annoying "comedian" tweeted dreadfully-unfunny jokes about the Japanese tsunami and was fired by Aflac. He was the voice of the Aflac duck.
Tipshaming Milk truck employee Brendan O'Connor was eventually fired for "tip shaming." Cold world.
AntiDetroittweet Scott Bartosiewicz was a social media strategist for New Media Strategies before this tweet. Keyword: WAS.
JoshOlin Pro tip: Unpopular opinions get you fired. Quickly.
Cheeriostweet According to MSNBC, the staffer responsible for this tweet was canned. Topsy/Instagram

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