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Check out Solange mixing it up like a true valley girl in an ad campaign for Op clothing line. Diggin’ the threads?? If so, (omg, it’s like so easy) stop by your local Wal-Mart or Target and, like, get some. SMH


  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society

    omg thought she was white

  • Rev. Al Green

    SHe gotta make living somehow. Next she will be taking her clothes off. Betcha!

  • Chocolate Tye

    She looks like she’s trying to be incogNegro behind them shades. She should be ashamed of this, but unemployed is unemployed.

  • Mr. Kayro Syrup (Thick Dark and Sweet)


  • me (the original) Ms_NYC and RichardBibs GTFO!!! And no one gives a damn about millionaires club/chat/!!!

    Well, at least it’s not King Magazine.

  • Sawyer


  • hotmilfchocolate

    smart move, solo!

    mix it up with the hilary duffs, the katy perrys & such.

    diversify, homeskillet!

    it’ll keep your image young, fresh & fun.

    now just keep it the attitude at a minimum and keep it flirty, not dirty.

    ok, that’s all.

    carry on.

  • Keepin it Real

    Go Solo. All it takes is Beyonce’s name on your resume and its all gravy. LOL!

  • Anton Slizzardhands


  • Creole Baby doesn't care about Wack People


  • Blago Baby


  • one_last_hurrah

    I’m glad the girl finally found something that she could do COMPETENLY.

  • jordan

    I’m not sure what she deserves the SUPER SIDE EYE for more. The fact that she was just saying “fu*k the industry/man/life/haters/conformity/pretty much everything, and now she’s sitting between two Becky’s talkin bout “BUY OP!!” or the fact that she fits in so well. Whatev. A check is a check right?! Tylenol and lacefronts ain’t gunna pay for themselves.

  • soulwoman

    Solange is a fraud. Anybody that believed her “neosoul” is a fool.

  • J

    Go get your baby Solame, damn, that family loves fame and money over EVERYTHING.

    They got Bey with her baby as it softens HEr image.

    They got Solo, Solo as it makes her more marketable.

    So calculating…I love real artist that do things on their terms and their talent keeps them relevant.

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