Can’t Feel Her Face: A History Of Kim Kardashian’s Cosmetic Surgery Obsession [Photos]

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Kim Kardashian's Evolution Into A Muppet-Faced Style Icon

Kimmy K. has nipped, tucked and plucked everything over the past several months on her journey to become the next Muppet-faced celeb obsessed with plastic surgery. Why she refuses to stop messing with her face (and everything else), only she knows, but her next-level vanity is clearly out of control. Hit the jump for a complete history of Kim K's cosmetic surgery obsession.
This is young Kim K. before the surgery or fame. EarlyKimK
This is Kim K. without makeup. KimK-nomakeup
The next several slides are Kim K. morphing into a muppet-faced trophy wife obsessed with cosmetic surgery. KimK-beginningoftheend
KimKbooty But she didn't get her booty done? Hmmm.
kimkoctomom KimK-octomom
KimK-vampfacial ("Vamp facial")
kimK-stretchmarls (Stretch mark removal)
KimKRayjKanye 2014 Kim K. hasn't felt her face in months.
Kimk2014 Kim Kardashian (2014 edition) Topsy/Instagram/Tumblr

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