Florida Crazies: 56-Year-Old Woman Chases 25-Year-Old Man With A Knife After He Refused To Chop Her Down

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freaky old lady

Old heads need pipe too…

Older Woman Chases 25-Year-Old With Knife For Refusing To Give Her Sex

Via NYDailyNews

A 25-year-old man was reportedly chased around a Florida parking lot by a woman waving a knife and a broken cane after he “rejected her sexual advances.”

Elizabeth Highley, 56, was allegedly drinking wine with the much younger man in her Port St. Lucie-area home last month when her attempt to have sex with him majorly backfired, The Smoking Gun reported.

Instead of being wooed over, he rebuffed her, allegedly sending Highley into a rage that led to her grabbing a hunting knife and cane and giving chase.

It wasn’t until the lustful Highley chased the man into a nearby convenience store’s parking lot that he found a deputy for help.

The deputy was able to talk her into dropping her weapons and lying down on the ground before she was taken into custody.

Her victim, who sustained a small laceration on his thumb from Highley’s blade, told the deputy that they were not a couple.

She was released on $3,500 bail after being charged with felony aggravated assault.

Can’t blame him, look at her.

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