Real Issues: 15 Beautiful People Who Have Physical Insecurities

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Beautiful People Who Have Insecurities

You don't think about too many celebrities being too insecure, but it happens. They're just like us. For every Kanye who's totally sure of himself, there are others who are incredibly insecure. Here they are...which should make you feel better about your own insecurities.
kim kardashian ice cream Kim Kardashian - She said she doesn't consider herself as hot as everyone else does...and all that plastic surgery probably means something, right?
KellyRowlandBabybump Kelly Rowland - She's said she's been insecure about her skin color before.
beyonce-pregnant-bump Beyonce - Back when she was pregnant she expressed all sorts of body image insecurities as anyone goes through while carrying another person all the time.
Mila Kunis Macauley Culkin Split Mila Kunis - She's said she doesn't feel attractive at all.
esq-megan-fox-03-0213-lg Megan Fox - She said she's "hysterically" insecure. No way.
1334838469_blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-article Ryan Reynolds - He said he feels like a pimply-faced kid all the time. Bet his smoking hot wife makes him feel better.
Katy-Perry-No-Makeup1 Katy Perry - She's said to have been insecure about her skin growing up.
Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde - She said that as she gets more famous and known for her looks, she feels even more insecure.
JessicaAlbaDoubleCorset Jessica Alba - She said she was cross-eyed, pigeon-toed and had all sorts of issues that made her insecure.
Robert Pattinson rocks out to Beyonce in LA **NO Australia, New Zealand** Robert Pattinson - He said he's terribly insecure and the spotlight only makes it worse.
25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Jennifer Lopez - She is insecure about her singing...but her record sales are okay.
dwyane wade gabrielle union Gabrielle Union - She's had to deal with insecurity about her skin color.
130702135852-faces-of-kevin-hart-mtv-show-2007-horizontal-gallery Kevin Hart - He turned his insecurity about his height into his greatest comedic bit.
Foxy-Brown Foxy Brown - She was worried about her skin color at some point but had to deal with it.
CFDA5 Sophia Vergara - She was worried she was too busty before she blew up.

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