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Lil Bow Wow Abs

Here is a shot of Bow Wow performing recently putting his little abdomen game on blast.

Fill in the Blank: If he was still “Lil Bow Wow” Chris Stokes would be ___________.

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    all up in that azz like a enema

  • Ibn

    Blowing BOW WOW…


    Top 5

  • dayg715


    LMAO ditto!

  • Licia

    A top and Bow Weezy the bottom!

  • helltothanaw

    LOL @ Bow weezy.. Awww, look @ him tryin’ to flex his little bird chest. Keep drinkin’ that milk Bow Wow, you’ll get there one day.

  • Nickey

    I’m mad because that belt looks like its been wrapped around his waist 3 times.

  • FineAsWine

    If he was still “Lil Bow Wow” Chris Stokes would be ___________________.


  • me that's who

    lol i just can’t take bow wow seriously @ all…..

  • Carolyn

    …..trying to tap that ass!!!

  • Strong Black Man

    lol everyone had abs at 12!

  • Blaqk

    Chris Stokes would be Micheal.

    @ MJB

    Grammar police?????? LMAO

  • Throw Back'87

    Lil Bow Wow would be Big Bow OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • brinab

    chris stokes would be at the bottom of this picture, workin his was to the top of bow wow’s ****

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