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George Bush Ho Sit Down

A statement from George W. Bush acting like he gives a fu*k about black people:

I send greetings to those observing Kwanzaa. Established in 1966, Kwanzaa is celebrated each year as an opportunity for African Americans to honor African traditions of family, community, and culture. During the seven days leading up to the New Year, millions of individuals reflect on the past and renew their commitment to the principles of Kwanzaa — unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. As family and friends gather to celebrate Kwanzaa, our citizens are reminded of the many African Americans who have contributed their talent and strength to this great Nation. I commend those observing this holiday for taking pride in your rich heritage. May the coming year be filled with the blessings of health and happiness. Laura and I send our best wishes for a joyous Kwanzaa celebration. GEORGE W. BUSH

The coming year of 2008 will be filled with a lot of happiness once this ho sits his ass down for good.



  • Sweetniz

    I feel like I’m the only one at work today. :(

  • Strong Black Man

    lol I got a chance to meet this guy called “W”, at a fundraiser…Had brunch with him and everything..He didn’t seem that evil in person..Actually he seemed like a regular dude, which is why he won 2 elections. I think he believes his policies are genuinely good, which is sad..

  • Strong Black Man

    why is Bush smiling like a little kid who just pulled the fire alarm

  • PaigeyWaigey

    I don’t too much care for Bush….BUT I can’t recall another president sending out Kwanzaa greetings…not even Clinton’s honorary black ass…So I have to comend him for saying something cause he didn’t have to acknowledge it at all, cause most black folks don’t celebrate it AT ALL, if he hadn’t said anything we wouldn’t have even thought twice about it! I will be lighting my UNITY candle on my kwanzaa table tonight…what will you be doing? So don’t knock Bush this time when your ass just finished giving up all praises to white pasty ass Santa and the white baby Jesus who was born in SPRING (march / april) and NOT December 25th.

  • Strong Black Man


  • athena

    umm co-sign pagey, cept the whte pasty stuff.

  • andie

    Black people celebrate Kwanzaa?

    I’ve never met anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa because it’s a fake holiday to make African-Americans feel better about the African heritage they do not usually wish to claim. Sadly, no one is claiming Africa anymore except Africans and “humanitarian” white people. Sound familiar? Missionaries anyone? Colonialists anyone?

  • ResearchDONE

    I think this statement was a good thing on his part. He has to recognize that the “holiday” season is not just about Christianity. And that some people celebrate other traditions. Granted Kwannza is not a religious holiday, it is celebrated by many of his constituents. Consider this…it is HARD being President. What would you do????



  • lalalatina

    My family celebrated Kwanzaa growing up, but I can’t do it anymore. Probably because when i was a kid in the 80s/90s, it still wasn’t mainstream – it’s an anti corporate holiday about giving handmade and educational gifts. Now, of course, there are Hallmark Kwanzaa cards. When I saw a Best Buy commercial last month with a Kwanzaa gift card, I was too through.

    BTW @ Strong Black Man – Dubya won people over with his “everydayness.” That was Kerry’s problem – he came off as an elitist intellectual. I’m 100% Obama Girl, but methinks Huckabee, like another Arkansas governor, will sneak up from behind and win it all. Like W, he’s all folksy, likeable charm.

    Finally – please describe the fundraising event where you met Dubya!

  • http://roedaltonjr@comcast.net Roe ski love

    I blessed out the pastor at my chuch for bringing in kwanzaa candles during christmas services. I had to ask him who he was worshiping Jesus or heritage. I dont have a problem with kwanzaa, it just dosn’t belong in the church, cause Jesus don’t know what your taking about and can’t here about separatism in spiritual matters. (pastor did’nt here me though) therefore I left the church along with my tithes.

  • http://roedaltonjr@comcast.net Roe ski love

    typos (talking about) (can’t hear) any comments about kwanzaa from anyone

  • Dubya

    “The coming year of 2008 will be filled with a lot of happiness once this ho sits his ass down for good.”

    Political Lessons for Dummies: The President “sits his ass down for good” on January 20th, 2009 (12th Amendment – U.S. Constitution).

    I love it when the ignorants attempt to enlighten us with their political “skillz”. LOL!!! Stick to the important things in life…like thug gossip. Leave the little things like running the government & wars to the big boys.

  • http://roedaltonjr@comcast.net Roe ski love

    DNA testing only gives you a small hint as to who your ancestors were. If you read up on DNA testing you will find that we all have blood lines connected in one way or another. If you go back 4 generations of your family you will find that there are possibilities of every ancestry known to mankind. Interesting point is the oldest known skeletal remains is that of a black person, the nearest white person found was at least four thousand years younger. Dem der is your cousins.

  • Pissed Off in New York


    The nerve of him. I can’t stand his behind!!! AND what the hell is he trying to push Kwanzaa for? His satanic behind is trying to pull black people into his corner. BURN THE WITCH!!!

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