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’07 has been an interesting year for Kelly Rowland. With disappointing record sales for Ms. Kelly, coming out with insecurities about her skin tone and stretch marks,collapsing on stage, and having to stoop as low as to giving away complimentary tickets for a show in Atlantic City, this chick still managed to cl*t-ride Beyonce and the Knowles camp. Poor Thang.

Runner up: Kim Porter

Here is a recent Kelly interview:




  • leave it be

    awww…shes a good singer, and she dresses nice…alright i can’t think of any more praises to give her…

  • Bird

    Superho need to be throwing a Kanye-like fit right now. First you rob her of Ho of the Year and now this. What’s really going on?

  • dayg715

    Loser Of The Year is more accurate.

  • DM

    Two words: change management

  • queenbee

    Leave Kelly alone.. you dumb blogger b****es!

  • JeanineJeanine

    Ms. Kelly is wonderful. She’s spending Euros.

  • brinab

    what is that outfit about?

  • jstbnme

    Kelly does not perform well on stage by herself. Until she can conquer that she won’t do well.

  • Earl

    girlz got some serious moose knuckles working in that get up. But being the man I am, I would eat every damn bit of undigested corn and peanut that slid out of her hot little ass. I would do that until she gets a hella case of chapped taint!

  • OLA

    i dunno how kelly rowland won this award…this award belongs to kim porter or atleast superhead

  • Rebel78


    she ain’t confident enough to change management. She must think she deserves what she is currently getting.

  • Dalia

    @ Ibn:

    Dang, I didn’t even notice Earl’s comment until I read yours.

    Move over. I’m getting sick too.

  • Marcy

    even if kelly was light skin her records wouldnt sale!!! i like kelly but she needs to leave the knowles camp and find better writers in order to have a career without destiny child!! so sad!!! to me she is a beautiful almond sister!!! color isnt everything!!!!

  • Momo

    DC will never unite because Beyonce (or Bouncy as my uncle calls her) loves the spotlight and couldn’t get rid of them OTHER b**ches fast enough. Ms Kelly is an average singer who should definitely CHANGE MANAGEMENT and seek some acting roles.

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