Lying to the Fans

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Ladies, we don’t know if there is a sock or a grown man in those pants, but Chris Brown is trying too hard to prove that he is legal. Damn, if that’s an authentic bulge that little dude is packin’ for real.


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  • hmmm

    very suspicious

  • Momo

    Looks like air to me

  • cmimback

    we went to the concert last night and let me say, it looked real from where i was sittin (8th row)

  • 45150

    wow…nice bulge hahaa!

  • Kappa2Man

    This is a joke right?

  • Marie

    I AM SO GLAD HE IS 18!! I saw Chirs at Essence Fest, and Whoa! Looking good!

  • Seriously...

    come, he’s wearing a harnest.

  • Seriously...

    come on*

  • justmoi

    Bones Jordan, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    OML! I swear you are killing it with the comments today boy.

  • Bonnie

    That boy is fast slidin’ towards “sitchoassdown” territory…

  • Ms. Sugar Walls



    He is hot, and the way he moves is yummy!

    I wil give him at least 5 more years!

    I am 29 1/2…I would be a chester 4 real! LOL

  • Natiera

    I went to his concert in bmore and after the show he got a new fan. After he did that song “Take Me Down” with the 2 other dancers, I had to go to the dc concert. Both shows were g.ood. I’m so glad he’s 18.

  • blinditemstalka

    O wow I hope it’s real. Looking good from where I sit. I guess them cougars is gettn the good thang for real! LOL

  • Bird

    It think that is just the military gear hiking up his pants. By the way, why is he wearing military gear?

  • qeeun of the sciscirs

    Q? when do toys pines stop growing my friend which is a guy told me at 24 is it trua

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