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The Corniest Celebrities Around Right Now

Not every celebrity is cool. In fact, a lot of them are cornballs just like we are. That's not necessarily a bad thing as being corny can have some endearing qualities. On the other hand, some celebrities are corny and don't know it. Here are some incredibly corny celebrities in the game right now.
fake joe budden Joe Budden - His Twitter rants and reality show posing are just cornball behavior.
rebecca-liddicoat-robert-griffin-iii-girlfrend-pics RGIII - The guy at ESPN wasn't lying when he said Griffin was a cornball brother.
DrakeSelfieFull Drake - Drizzy is tremendously happy being a cornball and a hugger of men.
Nick Cannon dons whiteface Nick Cannon - Ugh.
Bow Wow Atlanta Reign Birthday party Bow Wow - Yes. And this is why nobody is calling you by your real name.
RayJGrandma-sefliefails Ray J - He'll never live down that "I Hit It First" song.
Kobe Bryant Departing From LAX Kobe Bryant - He gives himself nicknames. All the time. Mad corny.
azealiabanks Azealia Banks - Twitter personality with zero fans and nothing but shade. Cornball hall of fame.
Got Milk? Refuel Photo Shoot With Chris Bosh Chris Bosh - Man, something isn't working right with Bosh. It's funny sometimes but mostly it's weird.
wwe raw 031111 John Cena - He's corny but we guess he does it for the kids
katt-williams-edit Katt Williams - Remember when he was funny? Heh.
macklemore_shrub Macklemore - He's a cornball rapper to the fullest.

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