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April 18th, 2011
3:51 PM EST

Madame Noire Exclusive: Gary Dourdan Talks Movies, Music And That Gorgeous Face

You know Gary Dourdan’s face, it’s pretty distinctive.

September 24th, 2010
8:37 AM EST

Why is Gary Dourdan Dodging Bill Collectors?

Despite a steady 20-year acting career, Gary Dourdan owes one company a lot of money.

March 17th, 2010
4:04 PM EST

Poor Thang: Gary Dourdan Catches A Beatdown From His Partner In Swirl… Actor’s Girlfriend Brings The Claws Out

Move over Rihanna… Domestic violence has a new posterchild — and it’s a man baby! More on actor Gary Dourdan’s beatdown by girlfriend Maria when you pop the hood.

August 3rd, 2009
8:19 AM EST

Gary Dourdan Hits Up Ibiza Again…He Leaves The Speedo at Home This Time Though

Remember last year when Gary Dourdan hit the beaches in Ibiza with the bubble gut and thunder thighs above?? Well, he is back at it this year…pop it to see

May 4th, 2008
10:26 AM EST

Gary Dourdan: Those Rocks Weren’t Mine

Posted by Bossip Staff

CSI actor Gary Dourdan says the rocks that one-time recently not his.

By the the the look of the people he kicks it with in Hollyweird and by the look of his mug in various

June 4th, 2014
2:54 PM EST

Who Is My Hollyweird Dad?

My how they’ve grown…

September 24th, 2013
1:36 PM EST

Are You Feelin This Get Up?

Who will be the first to order this — Yeezy or A$AP Rocky?

November 17th, 2012
12:29 AM EST

Caption This

You Can’t Keep A Good Brother Down: Gary Dourdan Swaps His Whip For A Bike!

November 29th, 2011
4:46 PM EST
May 5th, 2011
10:22 AM EST

Who Is Our Daddy?

We first met these two precious muffins’ daddy when he played someone’s fraudulent love interest in a 90s sitcom. He grew up to a pretty respectable career… til he was found passed out and drugged up in his car on


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