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August 15th, 2014
8:20 AM EST

Racist Road Rage: Crazy Racist Woman Almost Crashes Her Car Then Goes Nuts On Driver! [Video]

Just like a woman driver… makes stupid move then acts like YOU are at fault.

August 12th, 2014
2:47 PM EST
August 1st, 2014
8:54 AM EST

In Evil Racists News: The Klan Proposes “Shoot-To-Kill Immigrant Children” Policy [Video]

SMH @ The Klan rolling up in a Cruze talking about “follow us.”

July 30th, 2014
9:01 AM EST

How Racist: Bill “O’Really” Says Smoking Weed At 9-Years-Old Is “Part Of Black Culture” [Video]

How in the hell would Bill know this and when did he become an expert on black culture? That would be like Michael Dyson saying “In white culture it’s a tradition to smoke meth at the age of 16.” FOH!


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