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March 29th, 2013
9:09 AM EST

Jesus Take The Wheel: Shady Dentist Office In Oklahoma Has Possibly Exposed Patients To HIV, Hepatitis, And More!

They are calling Dr. W. Scott Harrington a menace to society for using rusty instruments and drugs that expired in 1993!

November 22nd, 2011
9:45 AM EST
April 19th, 2010
2:23 PM EST

WTF??? Chicago Man Arrested For Impersonating Dentist, Operated On Patients With Power Tools?!?!

A man pretending to be a dentist in Chicago has been arrested after police say he operated a fake dental office, taking patients to an auto garage and operating on them with power tools. WTF??? Continue

December 7th, 2014
7:06 AM EST

Movie Night: 14 Indie Flicks You Need To See


Hollywood might not be as diverse as it was in the 90s but that doesn’t mean great movies aren’t getting made.


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