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November 20th, 2014
12:50 PM EST

Grand Theft Auto V Features 1st-Person Skripper Club Scenes [Photos]

If you planning on purchasing the new and improved Grand Theft Auto V for someone outside of the intended ‘Mature’ rating’s age demographic, you may want to rethink that decision.

February 26th, 2014
1:58 PM EST

Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano Sues Grand Theft Auto V For $40M

Trying to cash in now that the Mob Wives checks have stopped coming in?

October 6th, 2013
11:36 AM EST
September 28th, 2013
12:15 PM EST
September 19th, 2013
2:00 PM EST

Grand Theft Auto V Generated $800M In 24 Hours

Are you playing Grand Theft Auto V right now?

September 18th, 2013
5:01 PM EST

The Top 10 Hip-Hop Moments In Grand Theft Auto History [Video]

Grand Theft Auto V finally hit stores yesterday and by the already overwhelming response it seems the game was more than worth the wait.

September 18th, 2013
12:56 PM EST

3 Men Pose As Cops To Skip Line & Buy Grand Theft Auto V, Arrested [Photos]

Grand Theft Auto V is easily the most anticipated video game of the year, and the thirst for a copy led three men in Staten Island to commit a struggle crime.

August 15th, 2013
4:53 PM EST

Grand Theft Auto V Online Gameplay Revealed [Video]

Grand Theft Auto V is more anticipated than any new album from Drake or Rick Ross album this year; it is what it is.

May 5th, 2013
10:59 AM EST

More New Grand Theft Auto V Images [Photos]

We just got blessed with a few trailers from the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V video game.

January 10th, 2012
2:54 PM EST

Tyga Remakes His Rack City Video Tn The Style Of The Grand Theft Auto Games [Video]

Kinda strange that Tyga’s GTA-inspired video of himself as an outlaw was released right after he got arrested in real life.


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