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August 26th, 2011
3:42 PM EST
August 18th, 2011
10:25 AM EST

Kush Chronic-les: Montel Williams Caught At LAX With His Weed Pipe!

When will these people learn that taking guns, drugs, and drug paraphernalia on the airplane is frowned upon these days? SMH

June 16th, 2011
1:14 PM EST

Who Got That Good Good? Montel Williams Opens Up His Own Weed Shop!

Montel loves him some greenery and he wants to share it with you!

January 5th, 2011
8:31 AM EST

Kush Chronicles: Montel Williams Popped In Airport For Toting Drug Paraphernalia


Wisconsin authorities say former talk show host and medical marijuana activist Montel Williams

February 25th, 2014
2:08 PM EST

12 Years A Slave To Be Distributed In Public Schools As A Learning Tool

This film his helping keep the full truth of American History in our schools…

February 12th, 2013
4:48 PM EST
June 17th, 2011
3:37 PM EST

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

March 4th, 2011
12:00 PM EST

High Times: The Biggest Celebrity Pot Heads

Spoiler Alert: a lot of people smoke weed.

August 14th, 2010
11:28 AM EST

Oprah Doesn’t Care About Disabled People? Woman Claims She Was Wrongfully Terminated

Oprah Winfrey’s new network isn’t even up and running yet and she’s already being hit with lawsuits

July 7th, 2010
10:52 AM EST

Certified Links

Snoop Dogg Partners With Landy Cognac To Promote New Liquor (GO)

Suge Knight — Wanted Man … Again (GO)

Ice T Walks His Whore while she Walks her Dog of the Day (GO)


July 6th, 2010
5:02 PM EST Links!

Sick Mother Who Ate Her Baby Son’s Brain And Decapitated Him Too Crazy To Stand Trial?: CLICK HERE

Rihanna Performing “Love The Way You Lie” In Vancouver: CLICK HERE

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 10 “The Story Of Lando Freeman”:

December 3rd, 2007
8:50 AM EST

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff

Montel Williams was in Savannah, GA promoting a low-income prescription plan and got a little too angry during an interview with a local newspaper. As result, he in turn approached one of the members of the

October 7th, 2007
11:31 AM EST

Some Weekend Swirl

Posted by Bossip Staff

Montel Williams


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